Friday, March 18, 2011

The only reason a town this small has a planetarium

college BGSU planetarium

It's exciting to think about living near a college campus for the rest of my life. College campuses are generally more liberal than the surrounding areas (with some exceptions), and have a slew of activities, lectures, and facilities just begging for your patronage!

I finally convinced my partner, Chris, to take me to the planetarium at Bowling Green State University for a show on celestial bodies on national flags.

I hadn't been to a planetarium since I was 9 years old. Since I've been watching the Science Channel non-stop for the last 18 months or so, the planetarium is the obvious choice for a romantic date with someone who fancies himself a scientist!

After the show, the host offered to take the audience up to the observatory on the roof, but it was a bit chilly and partially cloudy (and Chris had had enough of this science stuff), so we called it a night.

What I learned: The stars are projected through tiny holes punched in metal discs that can accurately recreate the sky from any location at any point in time. How could a town this size have all this cool stuff going on!