Sunday, August 7, 2011

Foursquare relaunches university campaign including free custom badge program

Foursquare relaunches university campaign

I just found out about foursquare's expanding features for colleges and universities. On July 25, the foursquare blog made three major announcements about their Universities 2.0 campaign:
  1. The launch of their new (FREE) custom badge program for university partners who want to deeply incorporate and promote the use of foursquare on campus.
  2. An invitation for college foursquare account holders to get in touch with the company through a Google form.
  3. The relaunch of a university ambassador program for enthusiastic students (like me!). 
Students can sign up for the ambassador program through a Google form, similar to the contact form used for school account representatives. 

Aside from the custom college badges, foursquare has been offering a set of campus-specific badges since last year, including a Bookworm Bender badge for checking in to an academic building after midnight, and a Munchies badge for checking in to 5 different dining halls.

I don't know who is supposed to be on top of this at BGSU, but somebody already owns a university foursquare account. It looks like I can hope to become an ambassador, maybe get a free t-shirt, and continue to be a foursquare fan. I wish I knew who owned the BGSU account so I could tell them to take advantage of this opportunity to foursquare-ify the campus for real!

The fact that I won't have administrative rule over a university foursquare account doesn't mean I can't fantasize about what the custom badge might look like. Here are some unauthorized samples I came up with:

Hey, even if these don't turn out to be what the eventual foursquare badge looks like, these would make some killer BGSU guitar picks!

What I learned: Enthusiasm doesn't equal authority.