Thursday, September 22, 2011

Halloween costumes to scare your health educator: Wellness vs. Not-so-wellness

I've already started looking for a Halloween costume this year (can't resist a costume party). I was going through some websites and immediately started using my wellness lens to group the options into two categories: Wellness vs. Not-so-wellness.

I also used my SciFi lens to group costumes into the categories of ComicCon-worthy vs. Too-obscure-to-be-easily-recognized-in-grad-school-setting. But that's neither here nor there.

My top picks for Wellness costumes certainly don't imply that they need to be conservative, but that they could probably provide an educational component outside of a Halloween setting.

  1. First up we have healthy food options, including peas in a pod, adult sized carrot, and a nice big yellow banana. That's so wellness!
  2. Next, let's learn about sexual health with appearances from a Trojan condom, a giant boob (obviously promoting breast exams), the one-and-only Super Sperm, along with Captain Condom, and of course a giant penis with testicles. All perfectly appropriate wellness costumes!
  3. It might be a stretch, but this magazine cover bikini star costume could be an excellent talking point for a presentation on body image.
  4. Finally, I might even be willing to look past the strategic placement of the mouthpiece on this breathalyzer costume for the opportunity to discuss BAC levels.

  1. It's no surprise costumes themed around alcohol are common. Some simply represent products like Old Milwaukee, a simple bottle of beer, and a Colt 45.
  2. Then we move on to the larger quantities of alcohol, including the male beer keg, female beer keg, and a double-fisting beer wench.
  3. There are the glorified alcohol super heroes, including Duff Man, Duff Woman, Beer Man, and the party drinking leprechaun.
  4. Finally, the top two costumes that make me cringe: Blunt Master and Beer Pong Cup.

So there you have it, my picks for wellness and not so wellness costumes this year! I'm thinking about stocking up on some health foods and Trojan condom costumes - I could staff my own wellness theme park with these!