Friday, September 16, 2011

QR codes on development mailers vs. txt to DONATE numbers

example of QR code on mailer

QR codes are definitely becoming more commonplace, but I'm pretty sure this is the first one I've received on a letter asking for money. QR codes on a development mailer are a fine idea, but it doesn't really save me any time. If I'm too "busy" to write a check and put it in the pre-addressed envelope, then I'm probably too busy to type all my billing information and credit card number into tiny fields on my phone.

If you REALLY want to save time, let's go back to 2007 and use the "text DONATE to 55555 to give $10 immediately" method. I love the "txt DONATE" numbers, and I am more likely to send a SMS while I'm microwaving my instant coffee than I am to hunch over my tiny iPhone screen and type out my credit card number.

Of course I really have no experience in this area, but I'm thinking the volume of super easy $10 donations would match the number of people writing out a check for larger individual contributions. Plus, if you're assuming your donors know how to use a QR scanner, you can safely assume they know how to text.

Maybe you could flash the number on the scoreboard at football games. "Help your team! Text DONATE to 55555 to give $10 to the Athletic Department Development Fund."

Maybe you could put it on a banner in the Rec Center. "Want new equipment? Text DONATE to 55555 to give $10 to the Rec Renovations Fund."

QR codes shouldn't replace these "txt DONATE" options just because they're newer.

Sidenote: What happened to Blackbird Pie? I'm using EmbedTweet now and I don't like it as much! It uses a javascript that turns any link to a tweet into that tweet.

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