Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our secular student group goes public in the school paper

article about secular organization in student newspaper

I really love having my name in the paper, it's such a boost during this otherwise stressful week! There's just something about having your name in print (actual print, not blog print) that makes you feel special, validated, and important. Yay!

Yesterday, during the executive board meeting for the Secular Society, we were interviewed by Mathew Davoli for a BG News profile of our student org. The full version of the story is online: "Secular organization aims for equality"

I'm really pleased with how the article turned out! I'm always afraid what I say will be taken out of context, and since this was the first article about our organization, I was a little anxious. Overall, I think our organization comes across as very rational and inclusive - which is a great way to be received by the student body overall!

So far things are going swimmingly, and our first general assembly meeting is tomorrow night. I'm still waiting for something to happen - I usually read about more controversy surrounding groups of non-believers on college campuses, so I'm remaining weary. Who is going to make the first snide comment? Who is going to tell me I'm going to hell, or that they'll pray for me? It remains to be seen, and I like it that way!