Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Pinkberry in Ohio, 1 of 3 on a college campus

pinkberry bgsu bowling green state university ohio

Ever since I watched the Harvard Sailing Team "Boys Will Be Girls" video (below), I wanted to try Pinkberry. (Every guy should have a knowledge of it!)

Now that the BGSU Pinkberry location is the first Pinkberry in Ohio, and 1 of 3 locations on college campuses nationwide, I can finally agree that it's "totes the best hund cal fro yo."

The staff was what I can only describe as aggressively friendly. They asked me if I wanted to try a sample of every flavor. When, after two samples, I said I had made my decision, they seemed to be shocked that I didn't want to try more.

I ended up getting watermelon with kiwi and strawberry "swirly pearls" on top. If Swedish fish laid eggs, they would taste and feel like swirly pearls.

All in all, I left with a very satisfying and elitist feeling knowing that not only had I purchased the best hund cal fro yo, but that I was among the first in Ohio to do so.