Friday, July 29, 2011

QR Codes and About.Me, One Thing Leads To Another (Literally)

I was playing around with QR codes for the first time last night, because I just downloaded a free QR Code Reader app for my iPhone. QR codes are two dimensional bits of code that can create hyperlinks printed on physical objects. I figured someone claiming to be techy would have a QR code on their business cards by now, so that led me to my next question. How do you make one?

qrcode A quick Google search solved that problem, as there are a number of QR code generators out there. I used Kaywa for this one. You can also try Qurify for text only messages, or for more complex codes like contact information or calendar events.

I'm not sure if the general population really knows what to do with these yet, but they are definitely becoming more prevalent. I do have some concerns with accessibility, however, because putting this square barcode on your business card is like saying "you have to own a smartphone with a camera to get to know me."

So great, now I know how to make one - but where should I have my QR code link point to? This blog? Well, out of context it might be a little abrupt (see penis model post). I needed to establish some context first, so I decided to create an landing page that links to all of my virtual identities.

Once I linked my page to LinkedIn, I realized my resume and profile photos were outdated. So, the simple project of making a QR code led to creating an profile, which led to updating my resume.

What I learned: When it comes to QR codes, one thing literally leads to another.