Sunday, July 17, 2011

Students can fight to earn money and popularity in "Party In My Dorm" iPhone game

I came across this game when I was browsing the iTunes App Store. It's called "Party In My Dorm," and it's listed as a role playing game. Here is the description from the iTunes Store:

College is about to get more interesting. Get ready for the largest online party you've seen since moving out of your parents basement. Fill up the dorms with your crew while completing jobs and joining clubs to make your reputation soar. Every dance off and prank gets you one step closer to becoming the most popular student on campus!

While the game itself is obviously not targeted at grad students in college student personnel, or other student affairs professionals, it is interesting to see what 'kids these days' might be getting into. I played the game for a little while (I chose the Intellectual Hero avatar), until I read the on-screen caption after participating in a virtual fight.

"Fighting other students is the best way to earn money. Go forth and become the most popular student on campus!"

Really? When I saw this, I deleted the app. Am I the only one who is put off by the idea of college students fighting their way to popularity? That's not wellness!

What I learned: College-themed iPhone games shouldn't be taken too seriously, and probably include sexy cartoon characters.