Friday, August 12, 2011

Agnostic atheism presentation for multi-faith student group

I was invited to speak to a multi-faith student group this past year about what atheists believe, so I figured I'd put my presentation online in case anyone is looking for more information on a detailed understanding of what people who identify as "agnostic" and "atheist" actually believe.

It's kinda funny, when I was approached to give the talk I was asked if I "knew anything about that, or would be able to speak on that topic" rather than "are you an atheist?" I know that's the culturally competent way to phrase the question, it just made me smile.

There is an important distinction between a position of belief, and a position of knowledge - which is why the term agnostic atheist more accurately describes my views.

Check out the presentation to learn more about the implications of these terms, along with a few helpful slides about "Myths and Misconceptions."