Friday, August 12, 2011

Subjectivity may not freely reign

This video is the first of a 16-part series narrated by the late Carl Sagan and produced as a tribute by Callum Sutherland. Sagan's voice is magical, and the vintage quality of the audio recording is nostalgic while bringing a sense of history.

There are a lot of misconceptions about atheism, and people often assume that we don't believe in ANYTHING. Where can the concept of hope exist when the world seems so confined to a physical existence?

While I don't have "faith" that there are things bigger than myself, I still believe in a universe that is massively mysterious and fascinating. This video, and others in the series, are a perfect example of where my sense of awe comes from. My mind is blown, and I struggle to grasp the vastness of the universe and my insignificant role in the cosmos - yet I am proud to acknowledge that I am in fact a piece of the universe, I am made from the universe, and that my story is part of the larger story.

Every word in this video is so concise, so painstakingly selected to carry the precise meaning that was intended. Religious views aside, I think the transcript itself, as a written work, is magnificent.