Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Huge building wrap / poster on side of residence hall definitely gets your attention

huge residence hall marketing poster

This past week, a handful of huge building wraps / posters (not quite sure what to call them) went up on some of our residence halls. There are about 6-8 of these huge posters in all, each with different marketing photos and slogans.

huge residence hall banner on side of buildingAt first I was a bit taken aback by the billboard-sized vinyl photos plastering the walls of these halls.

After seeing them for a few days, they've grown on me. Now I'm realizing that they definitely add a certain NEWness to the buildings, especially since construction was completed on some legitimately new residence halls down the street.

I'm hoping this is a Fall Semester thing and not a permanent installation, however. I compare them to landscaping with annual flowers - they're here to spice things up temporarily.

What I learned: Don't be too hasty to sign up as a marketing model, you might end up 30 feet tall on the side of a building!