Thursday, August 18, 2011

A little sod fixes anything: Cutting it kinda close!

sod in front of the residence hall
Photo by Skyler Rogers

Students move into our new residence halls TOMORROW morning, and the sod is going in today. Talk about cutting it close! The new grass brings everything together - the building wouldn't look "finished" without it.

While the landscaping is looking good, we are still scrambling behind the scenes to get ready for our Late Night @ the REC event tomorrow night from 10pm to 1am. Today we picked up about 40 cases of soda and water, and I'm going back into the building after hours to assemble the rear-projection screen for the Xbox Kinect (that we have written permission to use).

After that, the only thing left to do will be to finish my Captain Condom costume. We already have the generic costume store version of "captain condom" but somehow lost the pants over the years. If any costume could get away with no pants, I think Captain Condom would be a candidate! But, for the sake of our dress code, I bought different colors of tights and soccer socks to see which combination looks best.

Yeah, I take my Wellness Cosplay seriously! I'm sure I'll blog about it later.