Thursday, August 18, 2011

Captain Condom: I can't believe I get to wear this to work!

Tomorrow night is our first late-night program of the year. To help raise awareness about sexual health, and our Condom Sense program, I will be interacting with hundreds of students while dressed like this...

captain condom costume

The top, belt, and cape are from an out-of-the-bag costume that is sold in most Halloween stores, and usually seasonally in Walmart. These pre-packaged costumes never look as good as they do in the picture (the hat is very cheap).

At some point, I think we lost the pants - which is kind of a big deal. I decided to get some snazzy white tights and red football socks covering slippers. The red Speedo is mine, from my undergrad diving career.

I hope the costume gets a big reaction out of the students! I think it will be a memorable way for people to learn about condoms - and hopefully I can pose for some photos at the event!